Aromatherapy ‘Fresh sheets in the morning’

Who doesn’t love fresh sheets on a friday morning? This scented Spray in Mandarin scent will make you feel this evey day! It is made to be used on your fabric (linen, clothes, curtains) or in the air to make your space fresh and irresistible.

Aromatherapy ‘Stroll in the Souq’

One of our most vivid memories is the special scent of Oud and Saffron while strolling through the Souq. This scented spray is light and sweet, perfect for abayas and gathering places.

Feels like home

You are loved and safe in the places that makes you feel like home. If saffron and sandalwood feel like a warm hug, then this set is perfect for your space. The matchy Devotion Bronze Candle and Devotion Bronze Diffuser will fill your space with a highly curated scent that will turn your house into… Continue reading Feels like home

Mini Cup of Sunshine

Sunshine is when you smile while doing your favorite thing! This set includes two Baby Jar candles – made by soy wax, toxic free and slow burning – to be enriched by our special VK stickers. Use the colorful Matches in a glass jar to light up the candles afterwards! Give space to your creativity… Continue reading Mini Cup of Sunshine

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Add a powerful ritual to your routine with our Palo Santo and Sage bundle. Burning Palo Santo is best known for its ability to add positivity to your space, while burning Sage clears your space from any negative energy. Let its scent and smoke swing around your space, choose your favorite affirmations and set your… Continue reading Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Self care mini set

Self care starts with the quiet burning of a special candle. This Black Ceramic Jar candle handmade in Italy with soy wax is made by woman artisans. The candle is slow-burning and toxic free, so when the candle finishes, the jar can be easly be resused. Enjoy the matchy Black Matches in a glass jar… Continue reading Self care mini set