Coach Oida

Nourishment is not only the food you put in your plate but also everything else that surrounds you. Most food choices have an emotional component. Having said that, every human being is unique and so are our food choices. What is medicine for me, might be poison for you. I spent over 12 years in a wonderful and competitive journey climbing up the aeronautical sector ladder. I was able to reach absolute success, lead amazing teams and inspire lots of people while having the opportunity to travel around the world. Ask me where I’ve been and I will tell where I haven’t! However, real and sustainable success is a deeply holistic concept in which all the parts that make you a human being have to be in alignment. You cannot be successful having a vibrant and joyful life while neglecting and/or compromising your health, physical activity, family, spirituality, etc. Once I realized that, I began my holistic journey to help me and ultimately help you in your evolution.
I truly believe life is about balance and knowing yourself. With this premise, I enter into the picture to empower you to be your own expert to master your own health because no one will know better about yourself than you.

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