Gratitude Journaling 

Dear reader,

There is lots of gratitude flowing for time spent laughing, sharing stories, and just hanging out in a beautiful place.

Personally, I love capturing them in the pages of my journal and when I think about some of the more transformational benefits that I have experienced in my life, I can credit so much of it to my gratitude journaling practice. FADFAD app facilitate this, you are one click away, check it in the journal section of the application.

What am I sharing today with you?

3 Tips for Deepening Your Gratitude Journaling 

I am sure you have heard of gratitude journaling. Very simply it’s taking the time to write down things you are grateful for in your daily life.  Nothing is too small to give thanks for.  Even if you write down the same things each day, research shows that expressing our gratitude has positive effects on our overall health and resilience.

Living a grateful life supports our mental health and happiness


Tip 1: Write about what you are grateful for even in the midst of difficult or sad situations. It helps to keep finding what is positive in the midst of what is difficult too.

During difficult times, gratitude journaling helps me to stay connected to the positive things that are happening, even amid challenging times.


Journal Prompt: What is something you are grateful for that exists within a challenging or difficult part of your life?


Tip 2:  Engage the law of attraction through gratitude journaling

If you have ever investigated the law of attraction and how to manifest things into your life, you are probably aware that gratitude is a big part of it. Gratitude can help increase your vibration and positive energy, which helps tremendously with the law of attraction.

One of the ways to use gratitude with the law of attraction is with scripting. Scripting is the process of writing what you want to manifest into your life, in the present tense. You write it down as if it has already happened, focusing on how it makes you feel positive in the moment. This is also known as “affirmative writing” which is one of many journaling techniques and tools.

Journal Prompt: What is something you are grateful for that has not happened yet? Write your future gratitude in the present tense.


Tip 3: What we focus on grows

Have you ever noticed that the more often you express or notice what you are grateful for, the more things you find to be grateful for?  Challenge yourself to write down 3-5 things you are grateful for everyday for a month and notice what changes in your life, your energy, your perspective and more.


Journal Prompt: What are 3-5 things you are grateful for today?

“Love grows, inner peace expands, and I feel a greater sense of both being enough and having enough”. Keep on reminding yourself with this

We are here to walk the path with you, help you during tough times and celebrate with you on your success stories. Connect!


Zeina Barakat