On your own on your path of development – totally-without support? Here’s how to get your loved ones on board.

“My husband/wife would never join me in creating common routine, or space for us together!

“My family thinks I’m crazy when I start changing some life habits!

“My siblings rarely share healthy interests with me!

“My kids just roll their eyes at me when I talk to them about improvements!

“My friends make jokes and ridicule my attempts at learning new field!

“My co-workers give me the looks or gossip when I try different approaches to things at work! “My classmates are excluding me from their outings because they say I am too serious!”

The scenarios are countless and so richly diverse…

When you’re passionate about something, you want to get your loved ones on the path with you! How often were you faced with this?

But time and time again, my clients share how their spouse, their friends, or their family members either have zero interest, or are simply dismissive of their awareness and development journey.

I know how frustrating, disappointing, and hurtful or lonely it could be!

It starts with you. So take it easy on you and follow the following tips get your loved ones on board:

  1. Do not assume that simple because they are relatives or closely loved ones, they will – by default-follow your lead.
  2. Your loved ones are perfectly entitled to their opinions, their beliefs, and their current level of awareness. That does not make you any better than them, or them any less than you.
  3. Accept them unconditionally for where they are right now, just like you want them to accept you.
  4. Expand your horizons! Make some new friends who are also on the same path and share your passion. It may look like you’re living in two different worlds for a while … but don’t worry, it is just temporary.

Coach Dounia Marei